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Wireless Video Products
Short Range < 1 Mile  
Wireless Video Products
Kit Includes All Weather Tx & Rx, 2 x 12VDC Power Supplies, 14dB Internal Directional Patch Antenna, Operating Instructions and One Year LImited Warranty
Pole Mounted Facing Right
12 Volt DC 500mA, 2.1mm Jack UL Listed Class 2 CEC Switching Transformer
Pole Mounted Facing Left
Mounting brackets are quickly and easily attached to the all weather IP-67 enclosure
Pole Mounted Rear View
5.8GHz 7dB Directional Receiver Antenna Included

Model: TCO-5808R6

Water Proof 5.8GHz Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver Surveillance System up to 2,000 Feet

Our Best Selling, number one dealer recommended wireless video solution sends Real-Time high- resolution video up to 2,000 Feet line-of-sight. The perfect all-weather solution for industrial, commercial, law enforcement and government video security applications.

5.8GHz FM-LIVE All-Weather 8-Channel Transmitter & Receiver System - Range 2,000 Feet

Download Specs


    • New & Improved power and video signal LED indicators for a quick and easy installation
    • 8 user selectable channels for multiple camera applications
    • Delivers high resolution,  Real-Time video up to 2,000 Feet Line-of-Sight
    • Not susceptible to wireless 802.11b/g data networks and other devices
    • Rugged IP-67 protective enclosures for extreme all weather environments
    • Perfect for commercial, industrial, scientific, law enforcement and government video security applications

     Note: Product Specifications Are Subject to Change Without Notice

TCO-5808R6 Specifications

5.8GHz FM-LIVE All-Weather 8-Channel Transmitter & Receiver System - Range 2,000 Feet
Operating Frequency: 5.725GHz – 5.875GHz
Protocol: FM-Analog
Frequency Control:
Channels: 8 User Selectable Channels
Security Format:
Security Authentication System:
Data Rate:
Data Throughput:
On-Board LED Indicators:
Video Compression:
Resolution: Up to 960H
Frame Rate:
Video Format: NTSC (30fps) or PAL (25fps)
Radiated Power: 50mV/m @ 3m
Range & Elevation (Line of Sight): Up to 2,000 Feet @ Minimum 8 Feet Elevation
Range (Indoors):
Receiver Included:
Sensitivity: -92dBm
Camera Type:
Camera Lens Type:
Camera Field of View:
Camera S/N Ratio:
Camera SYNC / White Balance:
Camera Electronic Shutter:
Camera Minimum Illumination:
Auto Gain Control:
Camera IR Range:
Camera IR Cut Filter:
WDR Function:
Rotation Range:
Rotation Speed:
On Screen Display Menu:
Still Image Capture:
Audio Compression:
Picture Adjustment:
Supported Protocols:
Ethernet Port:
Built-In Web Server:
Maximum Users:
Dual Stream Function:
Motion Detection:
OS System:
DVR Storage:
Range with Optional RX Antenna:
Antenna Type: Tx: Embedded 3dB Directional Patch Antenna Rx: Embedded 7dB Directional Patch Antenna
Antenna Gain:
VSWR (Return Loss):
Antenna Polarization:
Antenna E Plane Beam: 32º
Antenna H Plane Beam: 32º
Antenna Connector: SMA-Female
Wind Load Rating:
Antenna Cable:
Antenna Cable Loss:
Antenna Cable Length:
Video Connector: BNC-Female @ 75 OHMS 1 Volt P–P
Video Impedance & Level:
Audio Capable:
Audio Connector: BNC-Female @ 600 OHMS 1 Volt P–P
Audio Impedance & Level:
Audio Frequency Response:
MIC Connector:
Speaker Connector:
Peripheral Connector:
Data Formats:
Baud Rate:
PTZ Data Protocol:
PTZ Data Connector:
Data Protocol:
Data Connector:
Communication Port:
Alarm I/O:
Alarm I/O Connector:
Configuration Management:
Configuration Programming:
Network Topology:
Weather Proof:
Power Supplies Included:
Power Supply Included: Two 12VDC Power Supplies – Model # PS-1250CLX Class V CEC
Camera Power Connector:
Power Connector:
Tx & Rx Power Connector:
Receiver Power Connector:
Antenna Power Connector:
Current at Peak-Power:
Programming Software:
Camera Operating Voltage:
Operating Voltage: 9–15VDC – Polarity & Surge Protected
Tx & Rx Operating Voltage:
Receiver Operating Voltage:
Antenna Operating Voltage:
Camera Current Consumption:
PoE Current Consumption:
Current Consumption: Transmitter: 280mA @ 12VDC Receiver: 250mA @ 12VDC
Tx & Rx Current Consumption:
Receiver Current Consumption:
Antenna Current Consumption:
Surge Protection:
Camera Construction:
Tx & Rx Construction IP-67 Rated All-Weather Design
Receiver Construction:
Antenna Construction:
Camera Dimensions:
Tx & Rx Dimensions: 7.0” x 7.0” x 4.0” (178mm x 178mm x 102mm) Each Enclosure
Receiver Dimensions:
Antenna Dimensions:
Camera Weight:
Tx & Rx Weight: Transmitter: 29oz (820g) Receiver: 31oz (890g)
Receiver Weight:
Antenna Weight:
Number of Panels:
Solar Panel Construction:
Solar Panel Frame Construction:
Solar Panel Weight:
Master Control Unit Construction:
Master Control Unit Dimensions:
Master Control Unit Weight:
Master Control Unit Battery Capacity:
Maximum Battery Weight:
Maximum Battery Dimensions:
Battery Operating Temperature:
Battery Rating:
Camera Mounting Bracket:
Mounting Bracket: Universal Stainless Steel Wall / Pole Mount - Model # BRK-250
Tx & Rx Mounting Brackets:
Receiver Mounting Bracket:
Antenna Mounting Bracket:
Operating Temperature Range: -40ºF to +170ºF (-40ºC to +77ºC)
FCC / IC Approved: Yes
CE Approved:

Downloads Available : PDF Files
TCO-5808R6 - Specifications Mobile Download - 1MB
TCO-5800 Series - Installation Manual - 1.18MB
All Weather Series - Ratings & Compliance - 36KB
One Year Limited Warranty - 131KB

Un Año de Garantia Limitada - 133KB

Downloads Available : Miscellaneous Files

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