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Elevator Video Systems is Fully NDAA-Compliant

Elevator Video Systems is pleased to affirm that our entire product portfolio, which includes solutions marketed to the US government, Department of Defense (DoD), and associated contractors and affiliates, is fully NDAA-compliant.

Furthermore, Elevator Video Systems does not employ any SoC (System on Chip) or other components capable of processing software from banned companies. All products use NDAA-compliant chipsets.


To address cybersecurity risk, an Interim Final Rule of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the Fiscal Year 2019 was made effective on August 13, 2019. Section 889 prohibits certain vendors' telecommunications and video surveillance services or equipment. It also contains several provisions that significantly impact existing and future US Government-related video surveillance deployments. The NDAA ban also extends to other manufacturers in cases where the video surveillance cameras or systems from the specified vendors are offered under another manufacturer’s brand name, which is typical of OEM, ODM, and JDM relationships.

Our Statement:

  • Elevator Video Systems is committed to providing NDAA Section 889-compliant products and does not have OEM, ODM, and JDM relationships with the named vendors in the NDAA. 

  • Elevator Video Systems does not use or deploy critical components, including SoCs produced by NDAA-banned component vendors, are compliant with the NDAA….

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