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# VNO-5815PT

5.8GHz 802.11a/n Wireless Elevator Video Transmitter & Receiver - up to 200 Floors

ADD your own camera of choice

Monitor the blind spot in your building security.

  • Protect your elevators and the people in them

  • Track food/package delivery services and non-authorized visitors

  • Video verify emergency call requests before calling 911 emergency services

  • Best tenant experience

  • Deter equipment vandalism, save from costly repairs

Why is wireless the best choice ?

  • #1 Security Professional Recommended

  • Excellent Performance at any Elevation and Speed

  • Wireless is More Economical than adding or replacing travelling cable

  • Designed for Reliable Streaming Video / Audio and Data

  • Fast Installation for Minimal Tenant Interruption

  • Compatible with any Network IP Device

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